Mary Ann Laing

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(posted on 7 Aug 2020)

Apparently, I professed in my last blog here that I was to be taking to my typewriter again to share my thoughts.  That was 5 months ago, March 7, one week ahead of our city closing it's shutters due to the C-19 pandemic  Little did I know then what was about to happen collectively to we humans who share the living space on this earth.  Here we are, 5 months later, no singing together, no walking into a store in a relaxed fashion hugging random people we bump into (that we know of course), no leaving our cars without a mask on.  I can't say I am getting used to this way of life.  It's probably best I shop alone and can't whine about feeling like I am suffocating under that cloth, that I can't hear without being able to read lips of cashiers speaking muffled sounds beyond the plexiglass.  No point in complaining, we are all in this together.

What isn't different, tho, is I am painting.  West End Gallery remains open and the feature show I was asked to paint for in September is still on.  All of their feature artist's exhibitions have not had physical opening receptions, I suspect mine the same, good I won't have to put make up on.  Yes, another show that a year ago approximately I said SURE! to is looming close.  No, don't have that 20 painting collection I imagined a year ago I might have.  I have maybe 20 excuses why I don't have 20 paintings nearly done, but that doesn't help, so I'll keep them to myself,, the excuses I mean.  I will get there, a series of new works done by your's truly on September 12th, 2020 is coming together.

So what is this show titled? you ask? or I ask, good question.  Under such unusual times outside of our own personal world, and inside our personal world, it's not been a childlike feel like my last show " Happy Childhood "... uh, no.  Getting the time to paint is more difficult, when I do get the time, my energy level is low, some nights my energy level is below 0.  I am still amazed, and thankful, that when I grasp that painting time, I can still paint.  The magic of making art kicks in and something beautiful happens.  It baffles me how that can happen, I suppose there are some good scientific answers about the brain high of creating art, but I don't have time to read up on that, I have to paint.

Living life now is more challenging than I ever imagined it could be.  My husband has progressive Parkinson's that is vicious and cruel, but he soldiers on with grace, most of the time.  We are in this one together.  Our family, too, close by and bravely taking on each day in hopes Dad at least feels okay, that's really all we ask.  I get to my easel close to midnight and paint.  I can digest and absorb so many emotions through the day, and pick up a brush and feel enchanted by the act of putting paint on a canvas.  The works in this show really are about that.  I didn't go on any excursions to gather material for a series.  I contemplated the thousands of photos I've taken over the years and decided that in light of how this artist's life is, paint for my own feeling of enchantment.  I understand more well than I asked for that moments come at us daily in all forms, good and bad, simple as that.  So, I have chosen photo inspirations of moments I recall.  I'm thinking this show will be titled " Enjoy The Moments ", unless another title hits me I like better, there is still another month to go.

Enjoy the moments, they come and go so fast.  The hard and cruel ones don't seem to, but they do.  I have learned that every moment is my due, so just keep that book of moments as balanced as I possibly can.  I really am so blessed, and I hope that comes through in my paintings, and that the viewers feel the same enjoyment I felt in those moments of being there, and painting them.

Mary Ann

(posted on 7 Mar 2020)

Yes, I have decided to blog share once again.  I am not sure if I should continue to write them in blogspot or just here.  I tried to figure out how to link my blog page there to here, but it's not working.  So until I muster up some new word-ology of an artistic nature, I will leave the address for all 59 blogs I put over there over the past 10 years or so.  It's   Holy smokes, 59 blogs, wonder what I said.

I am liking the idea of a fresh start, tho, who I am now in 2020... yesss

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