Mary Ann Laing



I was born in Victoria in 1953.  My childhood years until age 11 were lived in the cement company village named Bamberton where our father worked.  I think growing up amongst the trees and gasping beauty of the waters between us and Brentwood, called Saanich Inlet, instilled a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.  When asked how long I have been painting I can't recall ever not finding making art a pass time that brought me a sense of peace and joy.  It was pointed out to me I could draw well very early which inspired a thriving artist's ego that loved impressing the eye of others. 

Art was a constant through out school.  After high school graduation I chose to work instead of continuing post secondary education, thinking I'd eventually go.  Instead of making that commitment to full time school I took various classes and workshops.  When our first child was born in 1980 I began evening classes at the Victoria College of Art.  From there, I joined local art groups.  After joining the Federation of Canadian Artists I was exposed to many wonderful professional artists who I learned a great deal from.  Harry Heine, Brian Johnson, Robert Genn, Anthony Thorn, Philip Buytendorp, the list goes long. Lots of mentoring that led me to believe painting was to be my life long obsession.  In 2010 I was awarded signature status AFCA by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

"I believe every moment that an artist spends within their creative commitment, it should be filled with a love of surprise. No painting ever ends on one preconceived finish line that yells out “DONE!”. It is because of my relentless curiosity that I am continually compelled to paint. It is the thought of what lies ahead once the idea seed is planted that inspires me. Be it from a meditative source or physical beauty that calls, or the obvious glory of natures existence in the drenching sunlight, once into the action of putting pigment onto the canvas, I open myself to anything."


Gallery representation presently is at West End Gallery, website:  www/


Past Gallery Representation and Exhibitions

Leafhill Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 1988

Marshall Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 1990-1995

Nunavit Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 1996-1998

Morris Gallery, Victoria, B.C.  2012-2016

West End Gallery, Victoria, B.C. 2016 -present

Sooke Fine Arts 1989 through 2014

Sidney Fine Arts 2005 through 2014

FCA juried exhibitions locally and Vancouver 1988 through 2016