Mary Ann Laing

From The Studio

(posted on 6 Dec 2020)

My biggest fan.  Actually, that should be the other way around, I am Logan's biggest fan, adore my beautiful grandson. 

I spent a good hour and a half last night writing a blog.  For reasons too long to explain, I used a laptop that I bought over 5 years ago, and that could be the reason it blew up and disappeared on me.  The blog entry I mean, not the laptop.  The laptop is still in one piece sitting on the desk in my studio, amazing.  So frustrating to pour thoughts out until the eyesight begins to fade into triple vision, only for it all to disappear in one innocent click.  I can't re-write it, it was off the cuff, adlib, spontaneous, and maybe, a blessing it disappeared.  Maybe it was the internet gods who decided... nu uh, Mary Ann, you don't want to share that.  

I won't go on for long here because, who knows, maybe this one will poof into thin air as well.  What I said basically was a few words about the show way back in September, old news yes, but the pandemic is still current and forcing it's vicious wrath on our world.  The opening was on a day that not only were we all gradually allowed back into public places wearing masks and nervously keeping distances between ourselves, but also making our way through grey smoke graciously shared with Victoria from the mainland of USA and BC.  I didn't ask anyone to venture out of their homes to come see my artwork.  It was an honour to be in this past show.  Amy and Lana put it together with Elaine Brewer White's sculptures beautifully.  In better times, I would have made sure to have all my friends and family there.  Oh well, I made it.  Yes, one of the hardest 6 months I've even endured in getting a group of works together, signed and done, but I did it.  Since then, the painting engines are pretty idle, but I do have a new piece to take in to the gallery this week, so no white flags, just slow engines.  Amazing how different it feels to paint after all that stress and pushing myself.  Nice to ponder and muse again without that voice saying.. you don't have time, it's fine, leave it alone, go onto the next one.

Now onto the Ho Ho Ho time, and in my word meander last night, I don't think I was too light and merry.  It will be fine.  The house loves me to decorate so I shall.  I may pour my soul out again once I recover from my last blog mishap.

Much to be thankful for.  Thank you to Amy and Lana and all the staff at West End Gallery for featuring my work, and the sales I am so grateful for.  Thank you to art lovers who make sure they own something that makes them feel joy, that's the ultimate goal we who take to making art hope for.  Thank you to all who take time to look, in this world where we have so much time to look at  online, nice to know there are people interested in what we do.  But, the gallery is very open to the public, I advise you if you live in Victoria to go to West End Gallery in person.  Beautiful artwork that doesn't get complete appreciation online, something about the magic of the brushwork that can only be truly understood in person.

And thank you for reading, now I will hold my breath and see if this one posts.

Mary Ann