Mary Ann Laing

From The Studio

(posted on 19 Nov 2022)

" The Colour of Life "

Mary Ann Laing

West End Gallery Victoria

November 19 to December 1, 2022

" Sunny Day "  48x60 oil on canvas


Well... I made it, or, the deadline date arrived and whatever I have painted and ready, will be the solo show.  I don't know how other artists feel about these experiences, for me it's complicated.  I wanted to have a dozen paintings for it, I have 8.  I wanted to be present at the opening, I couldn't be.  I wanted to avoid stress, I didn't.  I won't make excuses, tho, I will carry on and try to make sense of all the feelings and file them away to ponder again and again.  My studio feels empty, do I miss those paintings?  It seems that way but I rarely attach that deeply to them.  I can let them go.  Perhaps it's all of that energy we generate in the "dream state" of having hope.  Ambition is also complicated.  The older I get, the more I realize the true sense of ambition, and what importance it has in what we do.  I am less consumed with ambition and image now as an artist.  I am more consumed with the importance of putting paint on the end of that stick with hair that leads me to follow intuition for my own sense of " spiritual " health.  I tend to steer away from that S word, however, whatever that S word covers, it is very much a part of what we do when making art.  For most of the passing year I was able to paint and just follow the impulses without any panic.  I was able to find a therapeutic affect on my mental health through painting.  It makes me think of a fellow singer some years back ( when I was once a chorister myself ).  While we were waiting and fidgeting pre performance, surrounded by nervous chatter in the washroom, this gal, a soloist with incredible talent, said to us.. " Sometimes we just have to get on that stage and remind ourselves to enjoy it.  We've done the work, we know what we are doing, now, just enjoy it."  I've thought often about that day in my past, and thank her "spiritually" for that important reminder.  I miss my choir, but am so thankful for so many wonderful memories.

A big THANK YOU to West End Galleries for having me as a feature artist November 2022.  Thank you to Amy, and Cole, and staff at the gallery for making me look good, for always encouraging me and making me feel confident about what i do.  Thank you to the Hudon family, Matthew, Dan and Lana, for taking me on as a gallery artist almost 7 years ago.  I am forever grateful for all they have done for me.

Please take time to see the show, and if anyone wishes to ask me anything, feel free to message me here!


Now, what playlist will I go to tonight.


Mary Ann