Mary Ann Laing

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Hi Mary Ann After seeing your exceptional work at Bamberton on Saturday I decided to look for your website. If I was astounded with your work on Saturday, I am certainly more so after seeing all of your wonderful work here. Your talent is amazing, your personality and friendship I will always treasure. Anne
Anne (Brunt) Fairclough - 23 Jul 2012
The colours you use are so lively and bright. I would love to see a display of your landscapes in person. Please let me know if you are showing in Victoria BC. Cheers! Bayla
Bayla - 24 Apr 2012
We just bought your two paintings from the Sooke fine art show and we are so pleased with them. They are a beautiful addition to our home.
Ellen Robinson - 6 Aug 2011
Another beautiful painting in the Sooke Fine Art show. The colours were vibrant, and it was a pleasure to view. Thanks!
Sandra - 1 Aug 2010
This is a really, really nice site. I love the black background!
Sharon - 9 Jul 2010
I love the "In the Studio" part!!!!
Sharon - 8 Jul 2010
Hello,Mary Ann!Came by to see your new personal website and was not disappointed by any means.Enjoyed your EXCEPTIONAL work,thoroughly!
Susan Sentner - 8 Jul 2010
beautiful site, Mary Ann and beautiful art.
Barbara Callow - 7 Jul 2010
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